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Dog Behaviour

Where can you turn when things go wrong and your “perfect pooch” is less than perfect?

“It’s a Dog’s Life” can help you to understand and solve the problems

Often the cause is a breakdown in communication.
After all, we take for granted that our canine companions understand our every word, don’t we?
But is it really fair to expect a dog to comprehend a different species’ language?
Learn to make the canine connection and transform your relationship quickly and easily because –
a dog expects you to think like a dog!

Remedial training for Problem Dogs/Owners
Home and telephone consultations
Customer Emergency Service
"Meet and Greet" ongoing Socialisation
Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Awards
Gundog Training - Groups and Private
Pet and Puppy "Training for Life"`
Stop Livestock Worrying




Does your dog:

• Pull on the lead?
• Not come when called?
• Chase the cat?
• Jump up with muddy paws?
• Bark at visitors?
• Constantly demand attention?
• Rule the household?
• Drive you nuts?!

but you love him/her?


The Grooming Room

A professional coat care service for the well groomed dog.

• grooming
• shampoo and set
• cut and blow dry
• nail care
• collection & delivery

Difficult dogs sympathetically handled